2021 Season Questions and Answers

Will there be Season Tickets in 2021?

No, we will be selling tickets “show by show”.  Since we won’t have tickets pre-sold and already on your calendar, it’s important to stay in touch.  Please consider emailing act@acttheatre.com and ask to be put on our email mailing list, so you know when a new show becomes available.  You can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

What will happen to the seats I’ve had as a season ticket holder?

You will not lose your seats!  When we sell season tickets for 2022, all 2020 season ticket holders will have one month to renew their seats before they are made available to the public.  We will send out these notifications in July, 2021.

What will the 2021 season look like?

We will be continuing with virtual productions until we are able to open the theatre to full capacity.   We are accepting show proposals from directors throughout the season, and we will release information about the shows as they are approved.  This approach will allow both the theatre and the patrons the flexibility needed to deal with the evolution of the restrictions.   Some of our shows will be provided on our Virtual Production page, but some will be through the dedicated platforms of the play publishing companies.  Whether they are filmed or live, locally written or previously published, we are ready to continue providing entertainment to our patrons this season.

What can I look forward to first?

A Killer Party:  A Musical Murder Mystery will be our first virtual show of 2021!  It will be available online February 12th – 21st, and tickets will go on sale January 12th.  When Varthur McArthur, the artistic director of a failing theater in Duluth, invites his troupe of disgruntled actors and collaborators to the first read of an “immersive murder mystery dinner party,” no one knew that he would be the victim. Or did they? After sequestering the guests into separate rooms (because, you know, social-distancing), the detective gets down to finding out whodunnit.  Created and produced by Broadway writers and actors during quarantine, this brand-new show is designed to be filmed in each actor’s home and edited into one wacky, music filled production, “A Killer Party” is just the comedy- musical fix you need.  This lively mystery will be directed by Sydney Brady and will feature many well-loved actors from around the Skagit Valley.

How can I help Anacortes Community Theatre in 2021?

There are many ways you can help support ACT.  You can:

  • Buy a ticket to a virtual show at www.acttheatre.com.
  • Buy a gift certificate to use in the future, or give one as a gift.  (They never expire.)  Just go to www.acttheatre.com.
  • Make a donation at www.acttheatre.com
  • Sponsor one of our virtual shows.  This includes advertising for your business on our website, social media pages and in the opening and closing credits of the show.  Email act@acttheatre.com for more information.
  • Help us spread the word about upcoming shows by telling friends or sharing on social media.