Virtual Play Day Submissions
2022 Season

What are the qualifications to be a director at ACT?

In order to direct at Anacortes Community Theatre you must meet the following qualifications:

  • 18 years or older
  • Directed for Anacortes Community Theatre as a main stage or fringe director.
  • Directed for another theatre.  If this is the case, you will need a previous Anacortes Community Theatre director to act as a mentor.
  • Been an assistant director for Anacortes Community Theatre.  If this is the case, you will need a previous ACT director to act as a mentor.

How Do I Present?

  • Presenting directors/producers must submit an application and a presentation video for each show being presented no later than April 30th, 2021.
  •  Submit videos to  Click the button below for a video script.
  • Email applications to Click the button below for an application.
  • If you have any difficulties submitting, please contact

What should I know before choosing a play to present?

Content is only one area of consideration. Content, marketability, production difficulties,casting difficulties, budgeting, production team member concerns, show rating, time of year, competing theatres, and balancing a season are all areas of consideration. The Play Selection Committee will make its decision regarding submissions based in part on the following criteria:

Director/Producer’s Experience in Theatre: Like most community theatres, ACT is funded primarily by ticket sales. Every play that ACT produces is a financial risk. Thus, we must take into consideration a potential director’s previous production experience, such as directing, assistant directing,and stage-managing.

Director/Producer’s People Skills: ACT is primarily a volunteer-operated organization. People volunteer to participate in ACT productions because they love theatre, and because it is fun. No matter how brilliant your vision, your ability to work with people will determine whether or not those volunteers return to ACT in the future.

Play Day Presentation and Application: Play Day is your chance to “sell” your play to ACT. The level of preparation, organization, and thought that goes into it could also be seen as indicative of how you might run a production. This year, we are foregoing the presentation of scenes and songs, given COVID restrictions. Each director will be given five minutes to explain the show and their vision for it. Visual aids are great!

Appeal of Play to Audience: Given that the sustainability of ACT depends almost entirely on ticket sales, the marketability of your play is crucial. If your play is not especially well known, or it is not written by a well known author, you might strengthen your submission by discussing what aspects of the play could be emphasized in publicity to “hook” an audience.

The selection committee will also consider each play’s content and how audiences might react to content. 

Balance of Material and Roles: ACT strives to offer a variety of comedy, drama, and musicals during any given season. We also try to balance the number of male and female roles. An individual can only direct one show per season.

 Ability of ACT to Produce the Play: Across seasons, ACT’s financial situation and available resources (including volunteers) vary. This is certainly the case for the 2022 season – our first after two years of no live productions or season ticket sales. This season especially, we are seeking out smaller cast sizes, simpler sets and costumes, and lower overall expenses. This is not the time for elaborate sets or shows that require twenty custom matching costumes. Time of year may also come into play. Please feel free to talk with the Production Committee Chair about what the organization can realistically produce