Taylor Bannister

Joan McArthur

Chloe Brady

Lily Wright

Sydney Brady

Detective Case/ Director

Myles Doorn

George Murderer

TJ Fantini

Clarke Staples

Katie Jennings

Justine Case

Sierra Jones

Vivika Orsonwelles

Tim McLaughlin

Jeremy Jordan

Ria Peth

Shea Crescendo

Josh Sharpe

Cameron Mitchell Jones

Malcolm Taylor

Varthur McArthur

Jim Reeder

Sound Design

Willow McLaughlin


Susan Buszta


Kenzie Sharpe

Choreography/ Film Crew

Mike Jenkins

Film Crew

Torie Fantini

Film Crew

Tyler Jones

Film Crew

Noah Bannister

Film Crew

Don Brady

Film Crew

Ruth Backlund

Rehearsal Pianist

Hadley Bannister

Hand Model

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