2024 Board of Directors

Ron Wohl, Tracy Jonasen , Philip Prudhomme, Kathleen Brueger, Carla Hurst, Billy Hendrix, Eal Lundquist

Anacortes Community Theatre

Since 1964, ACT has served Anacortes and the wider Skagit Valley by presenting consistent and high-quality live performances on our mainstage and in smaller productions. 

Our broader mission and wide community support has allowed us to also serve through many other avenues, including our incredible year-round Class ACT education program and participation in the new collaborative community art space, The Art Center @ Buxton’s.

Anacortes Community Theatre is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that truly celebrates community in every live theater performance. 

Vision Statement

We will be an advocate for theatre arts in our community by promoting a culture of excellence and inclusion.

Our Mission

Celebrating live theatre and engaging the human need for expression and growth by entertaining and educating all ages and abilities of our diverse community through shared passion for the arts.

Foundational Principles

To produce and deliver great live performances; to provide a creative and challenging outlet for actors and stagecraft; to offer education for individuals of all ages to develop performance and stagecraft skills; to participate and actively contribute to the well-being of our community and to be an advocate for community theatre and the performing arts.

Values Statement


We commit to always act with kindness, patience, honesty, and mutual respect.



Code of Conduct


Foster Creativity through Kindness, Patience, Honesty and Respect


Treat all members with kindness, patience, honesty and respect in every interaction.

Communicate honestly and openly, being mindful of others’ feelings.

Offer constructive feedback in a supportive manner.


Embrace Challenges as Opportunities for Growth


View conflicts and challenges as opportunities to learn and improve.

Engage in open dialogue to resolve issues.

Value each individual’s perspective.

Encourage risk-taking and innovation in theatrical expression.


Nurture Safe and Joyful Spaces


Prioritize physical and emotional safety in all theater activities.

Create an environment where all members feel supported and valued.

Foster a sense of fun and enjoyment in the creative process.




Collaborate with openness and a spirit of teamwork.

Respect the contributions and ideas of all team members.

Share responsibilities and acknowledge the efforts of others.


Deepen Human Connections through Theatre


Use the power of theater to build empathy and understanding.

Encourage diverse stories and perspectives in productions.

Connect with the audience and community in meaningful ways.


Enforce and Hold Accountable


Address any breach of this code promptly and with compassion.

Provide a clear process for reporting and addressing grievances.

Ensure all members are aware of and understand this Code of Conduct.