Audition Materials Ada and The Engine

Monologue for Charles Babbage:

Friends! Why don’t we gather please. Right here, this way, thank you. Welcome and again, many thanks for your attendance tonight. For those so compelled, I offer you a glimpse at the much-discussed if-you-stand-next-to-me Difference Engine. It’s only a small model of what will soon be a machine of cogs and wheels the size of a carriage. Now this machine does not dance nor chirp like some mechanical curiosities of our age, some of which you can see in the parlor. This machine calculates. But what it calculates and the speed and accuracy with which it calculates can save men thousands of hours and errors. The flawless mathematical tables it can produce by the simple turn of a crank will revolutionize navigation, industry, finance. All made better, faster, more perfect. I can bore you with the technical details, but for those ready to get back to dancing, know this…When it is manifest, and soon it will be thanks to your government’s generous funding, the world will know a new way of knowing.