Annual Membership Meeting November 15, 2020


1) Welcome

2) State of the Theatre

3) Treasure’s Report

4) Discussion and Vote to Approve 2021 Budget

5) Committee Reports

  • Education Committee
  • Production Committee
  • Development Committee
  • Marketing Committee
  • Facilities Committee

6) Explanation of Voting Process

7) Proposed Mission Statement Change Discussion

Current Mission Statement:

     Celebrating live theatre with every performance.

Proposed Mission Statement:

     Celebrating live theatre and engaging the human needs for expression and growth by

     entertaining and educating all ages and abilities of our diverse community through

     shared passion for the arts.

8) Speeches from Board Candidates

  • Mark Backlund
  • Susan Buszta
  • Rob Hansen
  • Raido McComas
  • Svenja Marshall

10) Review of How To Vote and What’s on the Ballot

To receive an absentee ballot, please email before the official meeting time. 

11) Closing Remarks

12) Meeting Adjourns