Class ACT Health and Safety Guidelines

Updated May 2021

These guidelines are subject to change based on any updates in state and CDC guidelines. We will send a complete and up to date set of guidelines to all registered students three weeks before class begins.

Daily Health Assessment: Upon arrival, students will verify that they are fever-free, have no COVID-19 symptoms and have not been exposed to anyone with COVID-19 by presenting a signed health assessment form.

Masks & Social Distancing: All students and staff must wear masks when inside the building as well as when outdoors where a minimum of six feet distancing cannot be maintained. Students will maintain a distance of three feet while in class.

Identification & Isolation: If a student presents a fever or reports feeling ill during camp, that student will immediately isolate with a Class ACT staff member in front of the building, or in the theatre vestibule until they can be picked up. The student must be picked up by an approved guardian within an hour of notification, and may not return to camp until they are symptom free for at least 24 hours.

Cleaning & Safety Procedures: Between classes, teachers will wipe and disinfect all surfaces and class materials.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Willow McLaughlin, our Class ACT Coordinator at