Class ACT Policies and Procedures

Virtual Classes

General Class Information

  • Classes will meet on Zoom.
  • Invitations for the week’s classes will be sent to the registering parent/guardian’s email  on Sundays.
  • Class ACT will not send invitations to student emails, but parents are welcome to forward them to their student.
  • There will be two teachers present at every meeting.
  • Parents must complete the Virtual Class permission form before their child will be able to attend meetings. 

Getting Ready For Class

  • Students are asked to join the Zoom Waiting Room 5 minutes before class begins. A teacher will take attendance from the waiting room list and let all of the students in at once when class begins. 
  • Every student’s video must be on at all times.
  • Students must be sitting with their device in a position so they are looking directly at the camera with their head and shoulders framed.  This might mean propping your tablet, computer or phone on something to elevate it.  No holding the device, as we need the actor to have both hands free for acting!
  • To prevent distraction, we ask for the most neutral background possible.  A blank wall, curtain or a sheet hung behind is best.  (Class is not the time to show off your room, although we’re sure it’s amazing.)

How Class Will Go

  • We will spend time on the first day of class going through how we use Zoom for class and performances.  This will include:  how the teacher will ask for attention, how students can volunteer or ask a question, how to take a break if needed, and how we use Zoom to perform.
  • Students will participate in acting activities that will help develop different areas of acting including:  how to create a character, how to express that character in this medium, how to make the best use of your voice, and more.
  • If it is a workshop class, students will be given small assignments each day that will help them develop the skills we are covering in the workshop.  For example, if it is an audition workshop, students might asked to work with a short monologue and take turns performing, receiving critique and learning from each other.
  • Workshop classes will not have a public performance.
  • In a play production class, student will spend the largest portion of the class working on their production.  This could include developing characters, working on how characters interact in a Zoom production, memorizing lines, and more. 
  • For a play production class, the teachers will give each student ideas of how they can create their own simple costumes for the production from items they have at home, or a few small costume pieces or props may be provided through parental pickup.
  • Play production classes will be filmed over Zoom during class sessions and edited together to create a final production.  This will be made available on our Class ACT Class Performances page for free.  A link to download and keep the production will also be emailed to every actor.


  • Each class is very valuable to the overall presentation or learning goal of the class.  Please help your student be ready for class and log on in a timely manner.  
  • Also, please avoid missing classes for vacations or appointments, as this makes it difficult to rehearse.
  • If your student will miss class, please email so we know that it is an absence you are aware of.