Class ACT Policies and Procedures

Drop Off and Pick Up

Parents/ guardians are welcome to drop off their student at class and pick them up at the end or stay and watch.  However, we have found that students generally perform better and are more comfortable without their parents/guardians present.

Students must sign in at the beginning of class and sign out at pick up time.  If students are old enough to walk or ride a bike home, students must have a form on file giving permission from parents to do so.


Discipline Policy

We know that students who are attracted to drama classes are often energetic and eager to be the center of attention.  Although we are happy to provide them an outlet in which to focus that energy, we also know that in order for all children to get an equal chance to fully experience the class, organization and discipline are very important.  In order to provide a consistent structure our discipline policy is as follows:

If a student is not following directions or causing a disruption they will be warned and redirected to a more positive action.

If the problem persists the student will be asked to sit out of the activity.

The next step will be a conversation with the student and a parent after class.

If this does not solve the problem, the teacher may ask the parent to attend the class with their student.


In each class, students will be working on their dramatic skills and the creation of a performance for the public.  Their attendance at class is very important, not only for their own achievement, but also as part of the group dynamic with the other actors.  If your student is unable to attend class for any reason, please call one of the contacts at the bottom of the letter, so we know if they will be missing the class.  At the same time, we also encourage you to keep your student at home if they are suffering from illness, to prevent the spread of the illness to the teacher or other students