Fall 2019 Class Schedule

Fall classes meet once or twice a week for six weeks.

Fall classes are currently registering, but do not begin until September.

9th - 12th: Audition Prep Workshop

This is a one-day workshop!


November 9th

10 am – 12 pm


There are theatrical opportunities for high school age students all over Skagit Valley this year!  Whether they are auditioning for ACT, AHS, TAG, META or another theater, we want to help teen actors make a great showing at auditions!


In this one day workshop we will be going over:

  • How to find a musical audition piece and an effective monologue.
  • How to present your audition pieces with confidence.
  • Tips and Tricks for cold readings and dance auditions.
  • Resumes and Head Shots


We will end the workshop by having everyone do a practical mini-audition.  We will also take a photo of each student that can be used as a head shot for the future. 


We encourage all students to register ahead of time, but we will also accept payment at the door on November 9th.

Preschool: Jump Into Adventure!

This class is no longer registering. Winter classes will be available for registration by November 1st.


September 13th– October 18th

11 am – Noon


We could take a rocket into space, take photos of wild animals in the jungle, or search for treasure in the desert!  There are so many adventures to jump into, and a preschooler’s imagination is endless.  In this class designed just for 3 – 5 year olds, your young actor will create characters, imagine a story and act out a new adventure every day.  Along the way, through a variety of creative and dramatic games, students will learn theatre etiquette, develop their imagination, improve their self- confidence, and provide social interaction within an organized class setting.

K - 2nd: Robot Rescue

This class is no longer registering. Winter classes will be available for registration by November 1st.


September 13th – October 18th

4 – 5:15 pm


Step into the future where robots are on the rescue team !  The Robot Rescue Team has been hard at work rescuing humans and aliens alike.  At their weekly debrief the Team Leader will share the stories of their daring rescues and the audience will get to see each moment acted out! In this class, each student will create a unique personality for a robot character to help tell this story.  This play will be performed on the last day of class.  Each day of class, students will also have the chance to play fun theatre games and work on their acting skills.

3rd - 5th: The Actor's Toolkit Workshop


November 4th – December 16th

4 – 5:30 pm


Every actor should have a wide variety of tools to use in any show or audition.  In this workshop, young actors will learn a variety of accents, basic stage combat, and the fun and challenging art of improvisation.  Each jam packed class will help them improve their acting abilities by adding these fun and useful skills to their tool kit.  This class will culminate in a “showcase” performance for friends and family.

6th - 8th: Trashin' The Camp

This class is no longer registering. Winter classes will be available for registration by November 1st.

Tuesdays and Thursdays

September 24th – October 31st

3:15- 5:30 pm


Every actor has a song that showcases their unique voice and personality, and this class will help them find it! The class begins by finding a song that best suits each student. Then, the musical production Trashin’ The Camp will be created around the selected songs. Trashin’ The Camp centers on a group of students whose bus breaks down, stranding them in the woods overnight. The focus of the class will be on character and performance as well as singing. All students will be featured in this original production that is performed for the public. Performances on November 1st and 2nd at 7 pm.

Fall Teachers

Willow McLaughlin

3rd - 5th grade

Willow McLaughlin is the Coordinator for the Class ACT program and has been teaching theatre for 20 years. She taught Drama and Block at AMS for 10 years, and has been teaching classes for all ages in the Class ACT program since 2009. Willow also recently directed “Anne of Green Gables” for ACT’s Main Stage.

TJ Fantini

9th - 12th grade

Rebecca Pursley

K - 2nd

Rebecca Pursley is a retired elementary teacher. She has been teaching Class ACT Kindergarten – 2nd grade classes for the last three years. She is also an active volunteer at Island View Elementary School in Anacortes.