Class ACT Virtual Schools Program
K - 2nd grade

Technology Requirements:

  • Actor must have access to a device with YouTube videos or an internet browser so they can go to the Class ACT webpage.
  • A household member must help them film their final song performances on a laptop, iPad/notebook or smartphone and submit these via email or upload to OneDrive or Dropbox.

How Will It Work?

  • All K – 2nd participants will be places in 1 of 4 possible groups:
    • Each group learns 2 songs with motions: A group song and one specific to their singing group.
    • The group song is played at the beginning of the show. The individual group song introduces each story performed by the 3rd – 5th graders. 
  • Learning Videos will be made available on a YouTube Playlist and on the Class ACT Schools Web page.
    • For each song there will be an instructional video with the song and the motions.   A leader will be singing and leading the song, so each actor can practice at home.
    • For each song there will be an instrumental only video, with the teacher, still practicing, but not singing. This is the video they will use while their performance is being filmed.
  • When the K – 2nd actor knows their song well they will be filmed by a Household Member and this will be submitted to Class ACT to include in the show.
    • Actors will face a screen and sing along to the music and do the motions.  (Or they can just listen to the music if that is easier.)
    • Actor can either be filmed on a laptop, while the video also plays. Or someone in the actor’s household can film the actor on their phone/device while they sing and do the motions while listening to another device.
    • The videos of the actor singing will be submitted to Class ACT no later than Wednesday November 18th or they won’t be included in the final show.
    • Parents will be given written and video instructions for every step.
  • Class ACT will compile each singer into one video, so it seems like they’re all singing together.
    • These compilations will be placed in the final production video.
    • For an example of these group compilations, check out the video we made for ACT’s postponed production of Disney’s High School Musical. Go to