During the German occupation of Denmark in WWII, Nazis began to round up Jews for relocation to concentration camps.  Danish freedom fighters of all ages risked everything in daring attempts to rescue their Jewish neighbors.  In this stirring play, young Annemarie and Kirsti Johansen face personal danger and their own fears as they try to help their friend escape.  Courage, faith and ingenuity eventually win the day.  All the drama, adventure and humor that have made Number the Stars a best seller, as well as a Newberry Award and American Library Association Book of the Year Award winner, come to life in this powerful adaptation.



Adult Males any age.

Annemarie Johansen

12 – 15 year old girl.  Excited and outgoing.

Ellen Rosen

12 – 15 year old girl.  Serious and thoughtful.

Kirstie Johansen

7 – 12 year old girl.  Outspoken and strong willed.

Mr. Rosen

Adult male.  Teacher. Narration role.

Inge Johansen

Adult female.  Mother of Anne Marie and Kirstie.  Outwits soldiers with her acting skills- very brave.

Sophy Rosen

Adult female.  Mother of Ellen.  Traditional and concerned.

Papa Johansen

Adult male.  Father of Anne Marie and Kirstie.  Loving to his family, but holding on to anger and sadness.

Peter Neilsen

20 – 30 year old male.  In the resistance- a renegade.

Uncle Henrik Knudsen

30 – 40 year old male.  Fisherman- direct and patriotic.

Samuel Hirsch

12 – 15 year old boy.  Awkward friend of Anne Marie and Ellen.

Mrs. Hirsch

Adult female.  Samuel’s mom.  Narration role.

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