What is an original play workshop?

This is a chance for a local playwright to present a play that they have completed, but still needs polishing. The feedback they receive from the audience helps them to improve the play.

What happens at an original play workshop?

Actors present the play for an audience with movement and character. The actors are using scripts for the performance and minimal costumes, props and sets in order to put the focus on the characters, plot and dialogue. After the presentation the audience is invited to stay and take part in a discussion about the script. There is a discussion leader that helps keep the feedback constructive and focused on how the playwright can improve the script.

Why should I come?

This is a unique opportunity to have an influence on a brand new script. The audience is an integral piece of every play, so it isn’t possible to have a completed play without audience feedback in the early stages. Furthermore, you can be among the first to experience this particular production! All are welcome and it’s free.