Troubleshooting for Virtual Productions

If you are having difficulties accessing your virtual production, here are some things you can try to help correct the problem.  Please try these, before contacting ACT for assistance. If none of these options solve your problem, please contact with a detailed description of the problem you are having, and we will do our best to help!

I didn't receive my password.

  • The password for the production is sent the morning of your show date.  You should receive this email no later than 10 am.  It is not the “Ticket Code” listed next to your ticket purchase on your receipt.  (The “Ticket Code” is the code that allows us to pull up your individual ticket within our ticketing system. ) 
  •  If you haven’t received the email, please start by using the search bar in your email program to search for “Anacortes Community Theatre”.  Occasionally our emails end up in Spam or Promotions folders.
  • If you purchase your ticket the day of the performance, it could take up to 2 hours to receive your password.  However, emailing and letting us know you purchased a ticket for that day’s performance can speed up the process.
  • If you’ve tried these, and you still don’t have your password, please contact

I can't access the Virtual Production Page

  • Your best bet is to click the link in the password email sent the morning of your show.  You can also go to the ACT home page and click the “Virtual Production” button. 
  • Server unavailable:  This often means that there is a server outage or it is temporarily overloaded.  Often waiting a short amount of time and trying again will solve the problem.  You can also try re-loading the web page by clicking the reload button or pressing F5 or Control+R.  You can also try re-starting your computer or device.
  • If you’ve tried these, and you still don’t have your password, please contact 

My password isn't working.

  • Be sure that your password is the one you received in an email the morning of the show.  The email will be titled, “Access Information for…” It is not the “Ticket Code” listed next to your ticket purchase on your receipt.
  • Copy and paste the code directly from the email into the password box.  Make sure you don’t have any extra spaces or punctuation when you copy it.
  • Try the password multiple times.  It occasionally takes a few tries to work. 
  • Try using a different browser.  
  • Try using the browser in a “private” or “incognito” setting.  In most browsers this option is located under “File” in the menu bar, or you can press Control+ Shift + N.  (In Firefox it is Control+Shift+P.)
  • Try flushing the cache and cookies from your browser.  To find out how to do this in Windows click here:  For Macs click here:
  • If you have browser extensions enabled in your browser?  If so, try disabling them. To find out how to do this click here:
  •  Try using a different device.  Any device with internet capabilities should be able to access the production.
  • If you’ve tried these, and you still don’t have your password, please contact

How can I see it Full Screen?

Select the Full Screen button at the bottom of the window.  See picture below.

It is difficult to hear the production.

  • We set the audio levels as high as we can, while maintaining a good quality of sound, however many computers, tablets and phones speakers will not project the volume well to be heard in large spaces. 
  • Using headphones or an external speaker will often improve the volume and quality of sound.
  • If you have a newer model television, casting or mirroring from your device to your TV can improve visual and audio quality.  If you are using a phone, this video is very helpful:  Otherwise, try typing into a google search bar:  “How to cast from my NAME OF YOUR DEVICE to my NAME OF YOUR TV.”