Dear Members of Anacortes Community Theatre,
Thank you for your patience as together we move forward with a great 2024 season at ACT.
Below is a statement regarding board resignations and our strengthened commitment, as presented at today’s special meeting of the ACT Board.
We value your opinions and feedback. This is a community theatre afterall.
Anacortes Community Theatre Board of Directors
Kathleen Brueger, Ron Wohl, Tracy Jonasen, Philip Prud’homme, and Carla Hurst


  1. We are thankful to the many volunteers who have served ACT in their capacity as board members, committee members, and production members as well as our audience members and the ACT membership as a whole.  ACT’s founders and those that served before us were aware that the theatre has to be for everyone and cannot become about one person or one group of people.

  2. As you may know, three members of the ACT board resigned over the last two weeks, including former President Rob Hanson who first announced his resignation in a message to the ACT membership this past Wednesday prior to alerting his fellow board members.  We thank each of these former board members for their service.

  3. Given details shared in the announcement by Mr. Hanson, the remaining board members feel it is important to share some additional information.

  4. The proposal offered by Mr. Hanson and his colleagues and referenced in Mr. Hanson’s announcement to the ACT membership, was to pause operations, effectively cancelling the second half of the season.  The rest of the board felt that the proposal to pause was not in the best interest of the theatre or of the membership.

  5. The current board of ACT is committed to keeping the doors of the theatre open and to putting on great live theatre and classes in Anacortes year-round for all ages in a safe, fun and inclusive environment.  Our current production,  Kiss Me Kate, opens next Friday. Tickets sales are going well and we expect it to be another successful ACT production.

  6. Resigned ACT board members Mr. Hanson and Mr. Fadoul also both decided in the last week not to fulfill their commitments to direct Sweeney Todd and The Laramie Project, respectively.  We are moving forward with auditions scheduled this weekend for The Laramie Project and are actively looking for a new director for this important production. In the weeks ahead we will be reviewing how best to move forward with the remainder of our season.

  7. We also are looking to fill vacated board positions and are hoping to find enthusiastic and collaborative candidates with marketing, financial, or facilities management experience in particular.  Please contact us asap if you are interested in serving as a board member or in volunteering in any other capacity.

  8. We are on a very tight schedule this morning since we are renting this meeting space for just one hour and so will take 10 minutes for questions at the end, with a one minute limit per questioner.  Please remember that the membership is encouraged to attend all board meetings.  We meet the third Wednesday of every month at 6pm usually at the theatre or at the library.  Our next meeting is Wednesday of next week and we welcome your attendance.