We need 2 ushers  and 1 concession volunteer to run Front of House for each performance. Volunteers can sign up for as many shows as they’d like; from once to once a week!

Ushers welcome patrons, take tickets, hand out programs, and do light cleaning. Ushers will have the option to stay and watch the show (subject to available setting).**

Concessions volunteers will sell snacks & drinks before the show and at intermission. Concessions will have the option to watch the show from the lobby monitor.**

Do you know why Anacortes Community Theatre has such great productions?

Because of our amazing volunteers!

We’d love to have you join us.  We need volunteers  to build a fun, supportive, and uplifting environment while handing out programs, hanging posters, painting or building sets, stitching costumes, gathering props, running lights or sound, playing music, dancing, singing, acting, designing, producing, organizing fundraisers, caring for our building, and so much more!  If you have a skill, we can use it!  If you would like a new skill, we can teach you!

If you are interested in volunteering in any capacity please email your interest to:

Crew Call Information and Requirements

“Crew Call” is a scheduled time frame in which folks who want to volunteer backstage, in the tech booth, help design, build sets, costumes, paint, etc. can let us know their interest for a specific show. This process has always happened before but in a way that sometimes led to folks missing the opportunities they where curious about. This change is to make the process more transparent & inclusive.

“Crew Call” is currently a remote process with a quick digital application (think of it as a way to introduce yourself to the production team). In the future, we hope to have a process more like auditions, just for offstage roles. Crew is just as vital to a show’s success as the cast and we want to make sure all our crew members are included and supported in the same way. They deserve to share in the fun of putting on a show too!

Experience welcome, but not required. We are always happy to provide training for any volunteer role.