The Laramie Project Auditions

When: Open Call Audition and Call Backs  Sunday, April 21st from 4pm – 7pm. 

Where: Anacortes Community Theatre, 918 M Avenue, Anacortes, WA 98221 

Director Veronica Crommett will be holding an Open Audition / Call Back for any actors interested in auditioning for The Laramie Project. Actors who previously auditioned as well as new auditioners are encouraged to attend. Sunday, April 21st in the ACT Basement from 4 – 7pm. 

The Laramie Project is an unconventional play with unconventional casting. The cast is a minimum of 8 actors; 4 men and 4 women. Each actor plays multiple roles. All roles can be played by actors of any race, ethnicity, gender identity, ability or age. There are no “types”.


In performance actors will use props, minimal costume, movement, posture, accents, and acting techniques to portray multiple characters of different demeanor, age, accent, and worldview. In the audition you may be asked to try unfamiliar techniques that highlight your ability to portray two very different characters. Please come to the audition with an open mind and a creative spirit.



Performances:  Preview 6/20. Opening 6/21. Closing 7/14. Performances are Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays with Sunday matinees on June 30, July 7th, and July 14th. 


Please come with your personal calendar so that you can accurately indicate on your paperwork any rehearsal days you may be unavailable. The nature of the play and the rehearsal schedule is such that missed rehearsals may be accommodated. However, it is essential that any missed rehearsals MUST be specified in advance at the audition. Missed performance dates cannot be accommodated. 


The Laramie Project runs from June 21st – July 14 2024